My name is Nadia Moule and I am from Alberta, Canada.  I moved to England in 2011 after meeting my soon to be husband.  Interesting fact, he is Australian but his job is here in England.  I have a degree in Music Composition and Theory and I play the piano and the violin.  After moving away from my family and friends and finding it a bit hard to meet people and feeling quite lonely, I picked up my crochet hook and re-taught myself to crochet from Youtube videos.  I have always been a very creative person and love to make things with my hands.  After having my two children, I turned to crochet to help with some post natal depression.  It has been difficult for me to accept that I do not have the freedom that I once had.  I was teaching piano before I had my kids and soon realised that it was going to be very difficult to continue teaching as it’s after school in the time that my children need me the most! The Moule Hole lets me be there for my kids but also keeps my mind and hands active.

If you told me years ago that I would be a crochet designer I would not have believed you.  I made a crochet jacket for my daughter in the autumn of 2018. My cousin came to stay with me and she was completely taken with the design and said “this jacket is incredible you need to write out the pattern”.  I had absolutely no idea how to write or size a pattern so I started from scratch.  I was dreaming about crochet, reading as much as possible online, and coming up with my pattern writing style and brand. After about five months I had written three patterns and asked my mom to test for me.  She had never made a garment before so when she finished the patterns, I knew that anyone could follow them. When I released my first pattern, The Magdalena Jacket, the photo I posted on instagram received so much engagement, over 10,000 likes! On that day, I sold so many patterns, I was stunned!  After that I realised I could actually make this work and have been designing ever since.